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Ten Dollar Mall is your one stop shop for womens shoes. And you never need to worry about breaking the bank – all of the shoes available for purchase on our site are priced at the wholesale rate of $10. These wholesale shoes are of excellent retail quality, yet available at the sort of wholesale prices that you simply can’t find in a retail store.

Our wholesale shoes cover a wide range of sizes, with our catalogue ranging from a small size 7 to a large size 13, with half sizes available, as well. We provide the recommended retail price for every item on our site, so that you can see what you would expect to pay for our high-quality shoes in the average retail store. You will find our wholesale prices to be far cheaper.

Ten Dollar Mall specializes in several different types of wholesale shoes. In terms of men’s shoes, we offer a wide range of stylish and comfortable slip on sneakers across a range of sizes. Our sneakers are retail-quality high performance shoes that are perfect for walking in terms of both design and comfort. We also have lace-up sneakers available, which is perfect for wearing casually in your social life, but can also be worn when participating in sporting activities.

We also have a range of ultra-convenient and snug fitting slip on shoes, which are comfortable and casual to wear, and yet smart and sleek in appearance.

Cheap Wholesale Shoes

Finally, we also stock a choice of many different types of loafer. These casual shoes are perfect for wearing at the beach, or on any relaxed excursion.

For women, our wholesale shoes have every style base covered. We have a range of boots, both high heel and flat, in suede and leather, some of which are perfect for a casual occasion, and others which are far more dressy.

We also have a huge range of high heel shoes, whether you’re looking for a casual sandal design, or a more formal stiletto. We also stock a huge number of wedges. And if you need something more comfortable for a relaxing day at the beach, or a spot of retail therapy, then we have a large number of comfortable flats available, as well.

And you can rest assured that all of our wholesale shoes are priced at under ten dollars per pair. The ethos of Ten Dollar Mall is to offer all of our retail-quality products at less than ten dollars, so that you get quality merchandise at wholesale prices.

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